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MarcoM the Mountebank

March 30, 1934 - October 13, 2010


This is the memorial page of the late Dr. Ralph A. MarcoM, MIMC, multiple award-winning magician, raconteur, sage, actor, author, world traveler and columnist for The Linking Ring, the official magazine of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

MarcoM wrote several books on magic.

For almost 35 years, his constant companion and wife was the late Gloria Marcom, also known to her friends and fans as Vampira! Click on her name to visit her page.

MarcoM had a stroke in January of 2003, which ultimately landed him in Park Lane Hospital in Dallas, Texas. He gradually came back to normal. He sold his big, old "Addams family" style house in Honey Grove, and moved about four blocks to a smaller residence. He said that it was his Gypsy blood that prompted the move.

On or about October 6, 2010, he suffered another stroke, but was not found until some of his neighbors noticed that the newspapers in his yard had not been picked up for several days. He was rushed to the hospital in Paris, Texas, where he expired at 4:00 AM, in the same ICU that his late wife Gloria had occupied during her last days.

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